Official Name: Republic of Peru
Capital: Lima
Independence: 1821 from Spain


Supporting the Office of the Ombudsman

Local Partner: Peru’s Defensoria del Pueblo
Canadian Experts: Fiona Crean, Anne-Marie Stewart

The Defensoria del Pueblo (Office of the Ombudsman), established in 1996 after many years of conflict, mediates conflicts and promotes balanced and informed political debate. It is an arms-length state institution dedicated to protecting democratic principles, promoting government accountability and advocating for citizens. Led by Canada and Switzerland, (and including Spain and Sweden), multidonor funding supports Defensoria’s Promotion of Equity and Inclusion for the Exercise of Human Rights Program to harmonize approaches and minimize transaction costs. Canadian experts Fiona Crean and Anne-Marie Stewart are providing support in results-based management, strategic planning and project management to help Defensoria improve its internal operations.

Supporting Peru’s Decentralization Process

Local Organization: Regional Government of Piura
Canadian Experts: Carlos Salazar, Rémy Pinsonnault
Article: Building Democracy: Decentralization Growing Pains in Peru by Carlos Salazar, appeared in Public Sector Management magazine in 2009
Presentation: Decentralization in Peru - Growing Pains by Carlos Salazar

In partnership with Peru’s Regions (similar to Canada’s provinces), Deployment for Democratic Development (DDD) is working to strengthen local governance systems and build their capacity to take on increased responsibility and authority in Peru’s decentralization process. DDD is providing technical assistance to the Government of Piura Region in two areas, strategic/priority planning and information systems. For the strategic planning component, Canadian expert Carlos Salazar is working closely with Piura. Training sessions on strategic planning, leadership, change and risk management were delivered to senior and professional staff of regional and local governments. For the information systems component, Canadian expert Rémy Pinsonnault advises on development and design to improve citizen access to information. These are part of a larger three year agreement (2008-2011) between CIDA and Piura.


“It is really exciting to be able to contribute to the decentralization process in Peru. Our colleagues in the Region of Piura face the same challenges we do, balancing short and long term goals within a highly political environment with limited resources; they approach their challenges with energy and enthusiasm, and above all, with the belief that they are building a better country, and they are.” Carlos Salazar

DDD Expert Carlos Salazar with workshop participants in Piura, Peru on June 19, 2009